Planning & Zoning Fee Chart

Preliminary Subdivision Application$100 plus $3 per lot
Final Subdivision Application$100 plus $3 per lot
Minor Subdivision
(zoned AR with 3 lots or less)
$30 per lot
Revisions to recorded Subdivisions to revise Restrictive Covenants correct errors or change lot lines$50 plus $3 per lot
Vacating Plats$50
Cemeteries$10 per 100 lots or fraction thereof
Rezoning to A, AR$200
Rezoning to R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4$250
Rezoning to all other Districts$300
(Single Family Only)
(Including Sign Variances)
Conditional Use Permits (Both residential and commercial)$200
Project Text AmendmentNo Fee Required
Design Review VarianceNo Fee Required

Plan Review Fee for both Commercial and Industrial Permits is determined by total square footage, one-half of the permit fee plus a $1 recording fee.

The State of Mississippi requires that we charge an additional $1 recording fee for all Applications submitted to the Building and Planning Department., this fee is collected by us and sent to the State Department of Revenue.