Streets & Sanitation

The Street Division, under the direction of Superintendent Mark Tate, and the Sanitation Division, under the direction of Superintendent Justin Rose, and their respective teams of employees repair streets, sidewalks, and drainage structures, clean catch basins and streams of debris, pick up leaves, limbs, brush, yard waste, bulky trash, and appliances at curbside. These Departments also maintain street right-of-ways and other City property, and a myriad of other jobs not covered within other City departments.

Services Provided

Appliance Collection

The City provides curbside pickup of appliances on Fridays only. You must call Public Works @ 662-893-5209 in advance and notify us to pick up your appliances. Appliances must be curbside by 7 am. Refrigerators or any appliance containing Freon must have the Freon removed by a licensed technician to obtain a label indicating such, and the doors must be removed. The landfill will not accept appliances without a said label.

Leaf Collection

The City provides curbside pickup of loose leaves from the first of December through the end of February. This is a service that Public Works provides as a courtesy; however, the city ordinance states that leaves should be bagged. This keeps our storm sewers clear of debris which helps to alleviate stormwater from backing up on properties. Leaves should be placed in the yard next to the curb or street. Bagged leaves are picked up year-round. Leaves should be separated from other debris.

Limbs & Heavy Brush Collection

The City provides curbside pickup of limbs. Limbs should be no longer than four feet and no bigger than four inches in diameter. Heavy brush will be picked up as time permits, at least monthly. City personnel will pick up trees cut by property owners if they are cut to manageable dimensions and placed by the curb or street. The tradesmen or property owners shall remove all trees cut by a hired tradesman.

Mosquito Control

The City has a program that includes spraying to control mosquitoes on a weekly basis during the active mosquito season.

Street Maintenance

Traffic-related services are supported, including right-of-way and roadside maintenance, potholes, street repairs, and traffic signs and marking installation and maintenance. If you need any of these services please call 662-895-4335 during normal business hours.

Miscellaneous Curb Pick-up

The City provides curbside pickup of miscellaneous items such as old furniture or carpet if you live within the city limits. Each subdivision has a designated pick-up date; however, there are times when the route runs behind due to holidays, etc. Please call Public Works to request a pick-up. The City's rubbish collection trucks cannot pick up anything with glass but the landfill will accept such items from residents. The trucks can not take the following waste to the landfill: Hazardous waste items, plastic bottles or buckets, paint containers, household trash, or any container that would hold water.